Östansjö Fäbodarna – the first video of our new series “Exploring the natural beauty of Swedish Ångermanland” is out.

We’re working on a series of episodic nature films showing the natural beauty and diversity of the Ångermanland region in northern Sweden.

Bordering to Swedish Lapland, Ångermanland is one of the traditional provinces of Sweden and comprises of Västernorrlands län and parts of Jämtlands and Västerbottens län. The landscape is varied: there are coastal archipelagos and the still rising Höga Kusten (High Coast), the lush valleys of the rivers Ångermanälven and Moälven and vast forests in the western parts of the region.

These different habitats provide for a wide variety of plants and wildlife and there are natural gems to be discovered.

In these films we want to take you to some of our favorite spots – not necessarily those that are widely known.

The first episode is out now:

We visit the old hill farm in Östansjö, where a gangplank built on floating mosses is crossing a lake. The meadow around the wooden log cabins and the floating moss islands are teeming with life around midsummer: carnivorous plants, grazing goslings, mating insects, a hungry caterpillar and adventurous ants.

Click here to find Östansjö fäbodarna on a map.

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