Alda's World

This is the trailer for the 58 minutes long documentary „Alda's World“. It takes us into the world of the Swedish painter Alda Boström.
She was born as a child to hard labouring peasants in the deep forests of northern Sweden. There she grew up in a world that has begun to fade away since the sixties, a world formed by an unforgiving nature with icy winters and short summers, where the village-dwellers had to be self-supporting.

In her adult life, Alda gathered the stories that were passed down since the 18th century in her home village Risbäck, which is situated on the border to Lapland.
And she begun to paint them... Now every wall in her home is covered with pictures telling stories of hard work and simple life. She describes her own childhood with all it's joys, the daily life in the village, dances in the summer, the struggle against the cold winters. But also religion and beliefs have their place in her images: From freechurch mission-meetings to supernatural beings called Vittra, who lived together with their human neighbors, also raising cattle like them.
And there are the catastrophes: A small child being carried into the forest by a wolf during a hard winter in the 18th century, fires, bear attacks, hunger and poverty. Some of the villagers seeked their fortune in emigrating to the USA and Canada. In this documentary Alda tells some of these stories and lets us travel through her pictures.
We accompany her when she works with her husband Sven in their forest, we visit a camp of bear hunters and we show the fascinating northern nature.

This film is a poetic journey into a time gone by, vanished – but not completely so.

Paintings by Alda Boström
Music by Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski performed by the Russian Globalis Orchestra conducted by Konstantin Krimetz

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