Welcome to our house at the Swedish High Coast!

Here in our old-fashioned home you can find real peace and quiet, living at the forest edge. You hear no traffic sounds, only the rustling of leaves, the purling of streams, the singing of birds in the lucid nights around midsummer - if you click on the "play" button in the footer, you'll hear their song.

The house lies remote at the end of a 800 meters long narrow and bumpy farm lane. This genuine log house was built at the end of the 19th century. Now it has additional isolation and is paneled. There is a carport you can use. For internet there's good 4G coverage. The next grocery shop is 5 km away in the village Torrom.

We rent out our home through Airbnb.

Inside of the house

Our guests live in the 80 m² large first floor.

There is the large kitchen (about 25 m²), equipped with stove (3 cooking plates) and oven, fridge and freezer, coffee machine, water cooker and of course the iron wood stove. You'll find all utensils you need for cooking, baking and eating in the cupboards.

The living room is small and cozy, with two armchairs, a writing table and a bed sofa. Under the bed sofa is an additional folding bed. The iron fireplace can warm you on a cold evening.

The double bed stands in the large sleeping room. You'll find some puzzle games and books in the bookshelf in the entrance hall, as well as some sporting equipment. If you like, you can use our Nordic Track ski machine.

The small tiled bathroom contains shower, toilet and a washing machine.


The garden, surroundings and wildlife

The 4000 m² large natural garden has a big lawn, wildlflower meadows and woodland. There's a lot of water in the vicinity: some small rivulets burble along and in spring a small well arises from the grounds.

The way to the house leads past a cow pasture and meadows and behind the house begins the forest.

This is a really good place for people who love nature: through the years we have seen many animals here - from insects and amphibians like lizards and adders to moose, eagles and three-toed woodpeckers. If you watch this little film you'll meet some of them. Everything has been filmed on the grounds.

Bird lovers will have many opportunities to watch different species, especially in spring and autumn when the migrating birds pass through the area. About 5 km away in Torrom (Map) is a lake where whooper swans, different species of geese, ducks, and songbirds are gathering as well as cranes. There's even a watchtower (1 on the map) you can use to look over the lake and its wildlife and a wooden terrace near the shop and petrol station (2). The season usually begins around April. Of course there's no guaranty - some years the birds have passed through the area very fast, some years they stayed for weeks.

All images in the gallery to the right have been taken around the house.

Wildlife around our home


Things you can do:

The main highlight is the awesome landscape at the High Cost with lakes and fjords and hills and flowering meadows and deep forests and islands and...

You can for example make a day trip by boat to the islands Högbonden and Ulvön, wander along the rocky coast in the nature reseve Rotsidan, visit the traditional fishing villages Berghamn, Barsta, Bönhamn and Skeppsmalen and Norrfällsviken and explore the national park Skuleskogen. In Skuleskogen you can also enjoy the alpine ski slope in winter.


This is a perfect place to start tracking along the High Coast Trail, a 126 km long hiking trail along the High Coast. The trail crosses the 800 meter long farm track leading to the house, so you can begin your hike directly from home. It's a beautiful track leading through forest and over hills, past lakes and to bays of the Baltic Sea. You' can enjoy many beautiful panoramas on your way. In late summer and autumn you can even gather berries and mushrooms like chanterelles and boletus.

You can go swimming: it's a one kilometer walk from the house over pastures and meadows to lake Skiringen. There's even a nice bathing jetty there (a 1,6 km walk from home). You can also go fishing there: Brown trout, Lake trout and Grayling, but you need to buy a fishing permit. The price for the permit includes the use of a rowing boat. There are many more fishing opportunities - for example Gaviksfjärden, a bay of the Baltic Sea, is only 3 km away. 

In winter, you can start with cross country skiing directly from the house. Lake Skiringen is frozen during most of the winter, you can cross the lake and proceed until the coast at Grönviksfjärden - or wherever else your skis take you...


You can visit the traditional fishing villages Berghamn, Barsta, Bönhamn and Skeppsmalen, many of them have old chapels, sometimes with beautiful paintings from the 17th century.

There are several museums with interesting collections in the region:

In Nordingrå is Mannaminne, a unique museum founded and run by an artist couple, Anders och Barbro Åberg. They have gathered buildings, artworks and objects from different parts of the work, they invite artisans to their open air museum and arrange music and theatre events. It's open from April to October.

In Härnosand you'll find Murberget with  both permanent exhibitions on the history of the county and temporary ones that cover current topics. Outside the entrance to the modern museum buildings lies the open-air museum. Here you will find buildings and environments that illustrate life in central Norrland in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

And there is Härnosands Konsthall, a museum with changing exhibitions of modern art.

The museum in Örnsköldsvik presents temporary exhibitions on many subjects from Sami culture to modern art.

On island Hemsö near Härnösand you can visit Hemsö Fortress, which historically is one of the most significant fortifications in Sweden. The fortress has a history as one of the largest facilities of the Swedish coastal defense and is the only surviving one of its kind; from the main plant (HO1), which is blasted out of the 140 meter high sheer rock you have an extending view of the coast, the sea and the surrounding islands.

And there are many small museums of local history and special interests, most of them open during July and you can find many local food producers (often organic) offering their products on their farm and on the markets.

Get some impressions

You can get some impressions from landscape and culture watching our little film "Four seasons at the Swedish High Coast", a short film without text featuring the beautiful nature and season-related activities at the Swedish High Coast:
we attend a winter festival in Kramfors, see the rock carvings at Nämforsen, visit several artists at the annual "Konstrunda" exhibition, celebrate Midsummer and take part in a moose hunt.

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