Relaxing nature videos

We live in a very beautiful part of Sweden: deep forests are covering rolling hills, flowery meadows with many insects and birds in the summer provide food for cattle, natural rivers flow through wide valleys and then there's the still rising mountainous High Coast with its many fjords and islands and traditional fishing harbors.

These serene landscapes and the distinctive seasons with a lot of snow in winter and days without nights in summer are the subject of our new series of relaxing nature videos. You can wach them on our YouTube channel, but some of them are also available for streaming without ads:


Autumn Lake

We shot this video at one of our favorite places,  lake Agnsjö. It's situated among wooded hills - a magic place, full of color and light:

Short after sunrise the lake is veiled by thick fog. As the sun gets stronger, the mist begins to rise and the first glimpses of blue sky appear. Soon the bright sun is reflected in the glittering water. After a while a breeze comes up, letting leaves dance and driving dark clouds over the landscape. A rain shower patters on the surface while the sun still shines. We see a rainbow slowly intensifying, glowing over the autumn-colored forest. Towering cumulus clouds are mirrored in the lake, slowly drifting away. A colorful sunset with glowing leaves completes our day at the lake.

In this video, longer and shorter sequences are alternating, accompanied by natural sounds of lapping water, wind, rain and the occasional singing bird.

Here's the trailer:


This 33 minutes long video features flowing water:

Crystal clear creeks, cascading waterfalls and natural rivers: on our many hikes through the Scandinavian nature we're always fascinated by the magic of natural streams. In this relaxing video you'll find some of our favorite places.
Water is dripping, trickling, streaming, cascading, splashing and steaming...



Here's the trailer:

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